Streatham Action Sponsors

Logo of the MorganAlley Websmiths

MorganAlley Ltd, sponsors of Streatham Action, stepped in and re-developed the Streatham Action completely from scratch when a previous iteration commissioned at great cost failed to work properly or be launched in a timely fashion.

The Lambeth Forum Network is a group of neighbourhood or area forums across Lambeth organised to promote the activities of each other, the entire network and to disburse funding to inividual forums for projects they wish to carry out on behalf of heir neighbourhood or area.

Image of HIDEAWAY icon, Streatham Action sponsor for many years

HIDEAWAY have kindly hosted many Streatham Action public meetings, AGMs and committee meetings in their facilities. They have provided sound and multimedia capabilities and behind the scenes support for professional presentations to the public. HIDEAWAY's contributions to the community by their staff and involvement by the owner are notewaorthy as well.