Safer Neighbourhoods Ward Panels

This is the page for Streatham Safer Neighbourhoods Panels, and a source of information for the people of the area on Safer Neighbourhoods issues.

The panels are  on with terms of reference:

  • Set, and oversee, the priorities of the wardSafer Neighbourhoods Team.
  • Review these priorities on a regular basis and change them if necessary.
  • Act as community representatives identifying issues of local concern which create fear of crime or affect the quality of life in an area.
  • Assist the police and the community with engagement and information flow.
  • Assist with problem solving and crime prevention activity.
  • Carry out environmental audits of the ward.
  • Provide the community with information on the status of, and progress with, the Ward team priorities.

Individual panels will keep you posted and updated on their work through this website, e-mail newsletters, etc. We do ask for your input towards formulating panel priorities for the community.

Operation Sceptre Weapons Sweeps in Streatham

<p>Operation Sceptre is a London-wide Metropolitan Police initiative which aims to reduce knife crime, as well as the number families affected by knife crime. It seeks to target not only those who carry and use knives, but also the supply, access and importation of weapons.</p> <p>If you have attended local Safer Neighborhoods Ward Panel meetings over the past year or so will know that the local police regularly carry out weapon sweeps on the housing estates in the Ward.