Update on burst water mains in the Streatham area

Thames Water says that it is “taking longer than expected to restore supplies to homes” not only in the SW16 area, but also in SW12, SW15 and SW17. As of this morning, Streatham was being specified by Thames Water as a “priority” for them.

Unfortunately, as quickly as some problems have been rectified in Streatham other new issues have been arising.

Many residents have been severely impacted by no water in their homes since Saturday.  Whilst some see water coming back on stream, others have experienced new cut-offs to supply. 

Recent key problem areas have been Prentis Road and the bottom of Woodfield Avenue and Abbotswood Road/Hoadly Road, the bottom end of Leigham Court Road and the area around Dunraven School – with many of those areas impacted from Saturday onwards.

Whilst reports are coming in of water coming back on stream at the bottom end of Leigham Court Road at the junction with Streatham High Road, at the junction of Woodfield Avenue with Garrads Road, and also at neighbouring Abbotswood Road and Hoadly Road, problems seem to be getting worse further up Leigham Court Road past the junction with Valley Road and there is no sign of improvement so far at Prentis Road.  We believe that there have also been problems in parts of Sunnyhill Road.

With regard to school closures, Sunnyhill Primary and Dunraven School have been completely closed for two days.  Streatham and Clapham High School Senior Department was completely closed for one day and may remain partially closed.  One piece of good news is that Hitherfield Primary opened after a one-day closure.

Streatham neighbourhoods seem to be working at their best in this difficult situation, with local community social media forums keeping members updated as to the latest situation and availability of houses and flats for those who need water. 

The carpark at Homebase in Streatham Vale and Sainsburys Balham continues to be the official supply source by Thames Water of bottled water for local residents. Lambeth Council have set up distribution at their Gracefield Gardens offices and at the Woodlawns Centre on Leigham Court Road.

For some living in the St Leonard’s area, access to bottled water supplies from another access point set up by Wandsworth Council in the Tooting Lido carpark may be more accessible.

Thames Water’s website would appear to pinpoint key areas of key problems, but does not seem to “drill down” to report on individual roads.  For those who have been without water from Saturday onwards this is clearly an unacceptable situation and support from friends in neighbouring roads with top-up supplies of water is as good as we can suggest for the moment.  Please keep us posted on any updates to the situation in your road relating either to water supply coming back on or possibly going off if that may alternatively be the case.