Street Drinking

<p>There is a real problem with street&nbsp;drinking in both Streatham South and St Leonards ward.&nbsp; This is borne out by the fact&nbsp;that this issue has been on the safer neighbourhood ward panels taskings&nbsp;for quite some time, in the&nbsp;case of Streatham South, a&nbsp;year, and by statistics from&nbsp;the police:</p> <p>Since February there has been 150 seizures of alcohol in the CDZ which covers the whole of Lambeth. 34 were in Streatham South&nbsp;and 83 in&nbsp;St Leonards.&nbsp;&nbsp;So between the two wards which lie side by side 117 or about 80%.&nbsp;This does not include Wells or Hill.&nbsp; So it is quite clear where in Lambeth there is an overt problem with Street Drinkers.</p> <p>I'd be interested to hear&nbsp;other people's view on this and where&nbsp;in particular you see this occurring so we can give&nbsp;the Police a steer in&nbsp;preventing it.&nbsp; Also, if you do see it, call 101&nbsp;to report it.&nbsp;&nbsp;The&nbsp;reports help&nbsp;the Police justify&nbsp;their&nbsp;resources.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>