Streatham Protests Tescos inaction

<p>A sizeable group of people gathered outside the Streatham Hill Tescos Express this morning to protest Tescos inaction relative to their commitments to the community in the Streatham Hub development. Over 40 people and Parliamentary Party candidates from 4 major political parties held placards, handed out flyers and engaged passers-by in front of the store for over an hour this morning. The action was seen to be so successful, and gathered so much attention from passers-by both on foot and driving on the High Road, that the Streatham Action team and its supporters have arranged to continue the protest for the next three weekends meeting at 11AM on Saturdays. Come and join us!</p> <p><span class="inline inline-center"><img class="image image-img_assist_custom-480x360 " src="" height="360" width="480" border="0"></span></p>