Streatham Investment & Growth Strategy – follow-up documents

Streatham Action would like to thank everyone who participated in the public meeting on 7th of August.

The following are the three key proposals contained within the draft “Streatham Investment and Growth Strategy Public Consultation, 2030”:

1. Amending the town centre boundary to ensure it is fit for purpose

2. Reducing the extent of the Streatham Hill Primary Shopping Area to encourage a broader mix of uses, whilst still maintaining a core of retail floorspace

3. Maintaining the Streatham Central Primary Shopping Area as it is currently, so as to protect the core retail function of this area.

Please take the time to give feedback directly to Lambeth by the closing at midnight on the 23rd of August.

Attached to this page you will find all the documentation necessary to support you with your feedback:

  • overall map of Streatham High Road that specifically delineates the Major Centre Boundary. On this map that contains the whole of the length of Streatham High Road’s Major Centre Boundary, you will see as to precisely which proposed areas are to be de-designated – be that either from the Major Centre or from the Primary Shopping Area;
  • Copy of the slides presented and discussed on the 7th of August 
  • Summary notes of the discussion and Q&A session 

Please do not forget to submit your feedback

Thank you,

The Streatham Action Team