Streatham High Road roadworks update

Image of disruption and vehicle congestion caused by poorly planned Streatham High Road (A23) roadworks

I was requested to attend – and once again at very short notice – a follow-up meeting at Lambeth Town Hall on Tuesday afternoon, which had been convened by LBL and TfL. Two central Streatham councillors, Cllrs Mohammed Seedat and Saleha Jaffer, were also in attendance. The purpose of the meeting was not only to update us all on the anticipated completion date for the emergency sewage repairs, but also to provide us with detail as to the various stages involved in the upcoming St Leonard’s Junction improvement works.

Update on emergency sewer repair works

The good news on this front is that, as of Tuesday lunchtime, the sewer repair work had been completed and the deep hole had been filled with concrete up to close to road level, in preparation for re-tarmacing of that small area, which I understand then took place late in the day on Wednesday. The best case scenario is that SHR will be completely reopened by 05.00hrs today, Thursday 8 February, and the worst case scenario by 11.00hrs. I guess that this will be dependent upon how severe is the current overnight frost.

St Leonard’s Junction improvement works to run between Monday 12th February and Thursday 29th March

This good news about completion of the sewage repair work just in advance of the end of this week now means that the St Leonard’s Junction improvement works will commence, as planned, on Monday next week, 12 February.

You will be as pleased to know as I was that the improvement works will be split up into 8 instalments, so as to minimise the level of disruption to users of SHR around the junction.

TfL are keen to make best use of next week – being half term week and consequently with every likelihood that traffic levels will be at a reduced level from normal weeks – to undertake some of the most disruptive period of the work from the perspective of closure of parts of SHR.

This means that phases 5 and 6 of the works will be taking place over the course of next week and through the following week:

Phase 5, to run between Monday 12th- Friday 16th and Monday 19th – Friday 23rd February:

The 10-day estimated period for this phase of the works involves taking out the existing island in the centre of SHR adjacent to Gleneldon Road and building a new island in preparation for the new pedestrian crossing. This work will necessitate closing off Mitcham Lane to traffic going southbound on SHR and with a diversion route being put in place via Gleneagle Road and Ambleside Avenue. Consideration will be given to implementing a loop system for access to Streatham mosque. For northbound traffic there should be no problems.

Phase 6, Monday 12th – Friday 16th and Monday 19th – Friday 23rd Feb:

During phase 6, which will run concurrently with phase 5, Gleneldon Road will be closed to traffic from SHR. This will allow for a raised table and island to be constructed at the junction of SHR with GR. Fyi, one of the three representatives from TfL was of the opinion that this phase of the works may not take the full two weeks currently envisaged.

During the closure of GR the 315 bus will be sent on a diversion route probably via Streatham Common Northside.

Phase 1, to run between Monday 26th and Wednesday 28th February:

This phase of the works involves constructing an island at the connecting point of Tooting Bec Gardens with St Leonard’s Junction.

During this 3-day period there will be a banned right turn for traffic wishing to turn in to Mitcham Lane from Tooting Bec Gardens. There will also be some digging work undertaken at this time for the provision of cabling for the new traffic lights.

Phase 2, to run between Thursday 1st March and Monday 5th March:

This phase of the works will involve the nearside lane on both sides of SHR being cordoned off for works to be undertaken at the centre of the St Leonard’s Junction itself. Clearly there will be the need for certain bus routes to be redirected during this 3-day period.

Phase 3a, to run between Tuesday 6th and Friday 9th March:

This phase of the works involves constructing dropped kerbs and putting in new tactiles for pedestrians. Phase 3b, to run between Monday 12th and Friday 16th March: This work will involve constructing the new island at the new pedestrian crossing which is to be installed adjacent to the Manna Christian Centre.

The whole of the 2-week period for Phase 3 will involve reducing the lane width on both sides of SHR between Streatham Dip and the St Leonard’s Junction from 2 lanes of traffic to 1 lane of traffic.

During all phasing of the works, actual construction work will be restricted to a 6-hour daily period, Monday to Friday, between 10.00 and 16.00hrs. The purpose of this restricted construction work time period is to ensure that traffic lane cordoning is restricted, as far as possible, to periods outside the rush hour periods. I understand that there will be no weekend working involved during the project.

I understand also that consideration is being given by TfL to the possibility of Variable Message Signs being installed, for the duration of the works, at the junction of the A23 with Christchurch Road, to encourage HGVs to follow a diversion route using the South Circular.

Phase 4, to run between Thursday 15th and Monday 19th March:

This phase involves removing the pedestrian crossing adjacent to Andrews Estate Agents and will consequently involve cordoning off one lane of traffic in each direction on SHR at that part of the St Leonard’s Junction. Phases 7 and 8, to run between Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th March and at night time: These phases involve tidying up the surface of the road, including a resurfacing of the carriageway, in addition to painting of the road for the new bus lane on Tooting Bec Gardens and repositioning of the disabled parking bay from where it is currently on TBG, adjacent to St Leonard’s church, to a bit further down TBG. All of this work will be undertaken at night time commencing at 21.00 or 22.00hrs on each of those two nights.

“Final switch-on” day for all new traffic light phasing is envisaged to be Thursday 29th March, following on from a 7-day working period between 20th and 28th March when all final new signalling will be installed.

We were advised by TfL at Tuesday afternoon’s meeting that there will be a letter drop made to all roads that are going to be impacted by these St Leonard’s Junction improvement works over the course of the next few days.

Neil Salt
Chair, Streatham Action Transport Group