Streatham Community Boxing Club

A Streatham father has launched a boxing charity to help the area's teenagers following the riots across London in August last year. Darren Hill, 40, said he watched the footage of the rioters with a growing feeling of frustration that young children were among the older looters. Friends and family joined Darren on Friday (6 January) at the Pied Bull pub in Streatham Common for a charity pool night which raised $170 in aid of Team Lambeth Boxing Club. Father-of-three Darren, who has had a life-long passion for boxing, said he had personal experience of seeing how boxing could channel young people's anger and actually enable them to control their tempers. He said: I'd been thinking of setting up a boxing club for years but seeing those terrible shots on TV was the final motivation I needed to get up and do something to help the young people of South London. -Boxing saves young people's lives. It's not about violence - in fact, boxing helps channel teenagers' anger and would help them walk away from a fight. -The aim of Team Lambeth Boxing Club is to provide free boxing lessons to all young people and with Britain hosting the Olympics this year I hope the local community, parents, businesses and politicians will support this campaign.

I was shocked to see the long sentences the courts gave the rioters because it misses the point. Prison doesn't solve the issue - these young people need facilities to help them vent their frustrations and boxing is one way of addressing this. Darren added that one of the objectives of his charity would be to encourage boxing to be introduced into the national curriculum so that schoolchildren would learn about self-discipline and respect for others.

He said: If boxing is taught correctly and in a holistic way, including the importance of a good diet, discipline and regular exercise, then I am confident problems that teachers experience in schools will reduce and I'm sure Team Lambeth Boxing Club will help older teenagers make a more positive contribution to their local community.

Darren is hoping to raise $20,000 to pay towards a boxing ring and equipment. He is also looking for a venue to lease.

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