Streatham Action's Crossrail 2 Submission

Image of a possible Crossrail 2 icon

Executive summary

This consultation report is submitted to Crossrail 2 by Streatham Action – a cross-party and non-party affiliated lobbying group of volunteers that seeks improvements for the residents in central Streatham in key areas including transport and planning.

Streatham Action recommends that the Crossrail 2 route map, as it currently stands in the SW London area, be adjusted to one that would omit Balham as a CR2 station, but instead run from Clapham Junction, through a new CR2 station at Streatham - thereby providing the vital Southern Rail interchange required in SW London - and on to a reinstated CR2 station approaching from a south-easterly direction at Tooting Broadway - thereby providing the vital interchange in SW London with the Northern line.

Of all of the three mainline stations in Streatham, Streatham station provides the ideal location for a CR2 station as it has the potential, through further expansion without considerable disruption, to develop to become a “strategic interchange” station to complement Balham station’s existing sole role in that capacity in SW London (please see below for further information in that regard). The area around Streatham station has experienced huge unpredicted population growth over the course of the past six years and this has been reflected also in a massive, and an equally unforeseen, surge in train usage.

Streatham Action also recommends that the cost of building an additional CR2 station at Streatham, in addition to accommodating the additional journey time associated with the route curving round to Streatham, be offset by the CR2 route not incorporating a CR2 station location at King’s Road Chelsea but instead running directly from Victoria to Clapham

Junction, thereby providing additional relief to both the Victoria and Northern lines.