Approximately 70 local residents attended the event, which followed a Question Time format. Some questions were submitted on-line by resident prior to the event and those were also answered during the evening.

Representatives from each attending party were given the opportunity to answer public questions and were each allocated 1 minute to answer each question.

All parties running for local election were given the opportunity to take part and 4 attended:

  • Jonathan Bartley - Green Party representative
  • Neil Salt - Conservatives representative
  • Mohammed Seedat - Labour representative
  • Helen Thompson - Liberal Democrats representative

The audience was very engaged and challenged councillors to offer practical and detailed solutions to issues that are close to the heart of local residents. A wide range of topics was covered with the most recurrent questions revolving around the following:

Road Planning and traffic: Within this theme particular emphasis was given to efficient road management and road safety for both pedestrians and cyclists.

Transport improvement: This discussion touched on the future of Crossrail 2 project as well as Thameslink imminent improvements and how these will bring benefits to the community. On this subject all parties seem to agree that a strategic approach to alliances across wards and parties would be key ensure success in campaigning for adequate solutions.

Housing was a hot topic. In particular, residents wanted a better understanding of each of the parties’ proposed plans to address the lack of sufficient council housing as well as suitable shelters/refuge a for the increasing number of homeless people living in the area. Greyhound lane featured as a prime example of needed improvement and appeal for the council to enforce maintenance and occupancy.

Anti-Social behaviour, including littering, public urination and noise control were discussed and identified as priorities.

Green Spaces Management, from maintenance of street trees and plants to finding a right balance between protecting the public green spaces and encouraging the visits and use by welcoming social events.

Youth initiatives and school-related matters were also debated. The audience asked to hear about initiatives and plans that have the youth segment in mind. Some enquired about how what each councillor would suggest can be done to properly engage with young people and ensure their concerns about their future are heard. This conversation touched not only on criminality but also on career opportunities and knowledge sharing.

Overall the event was a great success and we received a lot of positive and constructive feedback from attendees.

Thank you to all that have contributed and to the Hideaway for providing the venue.

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