Streatham Action Committee Meeting Mins 16.10.13

Streatham Action Committee Meeting Minutes -16 October 2013
Present: Robert Doyle (RD) – chair, Brian Bloice (BB), Sue McGhie (SM), Malcolm Clark (MC), Malika Bactawar (MB), Elaine Aherne (EA),Sarah Willoughby (SW) second half of meeting,Anna Godsiff (AG) mins – second half of meeting
Apologies: Jonathan Bartley (JB)
Not present: Lee Alley, Trevor Elliott
Matters Arising:
1. Item 2 – Actions:

CE, RD and MB to meet separately to discuss recording of minutes and a way forwards.

Chair’s Actions taken, need to be communicated to committee, where practical, in the interim between meetings. Meeting between RD, CE, and MB not yet taken place – MB states she will liaise directly with CE.
2. Item 5 – Forthcoming events and engaging new people: RD: re meeting with Morag Palmer – to take through Community Safety Working Group.
3. Item 8.- MM Resignation: MB asked for more information about MM leaving to which RD responded.
4. Police building now off the market – discussed the idea of police building being put forward to be declared as a community asset.
ACTION: Ask JB to look into the process of making the police station a community asset, exploring the practical considerations etc and report back to the committee ahead of the 14 Nov. meeting for discussion at the meeting.
5. Declaration of Interests
Following on from our September meeting, MB and BB met to discuss a shorter form for Declaration of Interests. They have devised a form that is one A4 page. The form has yet to be seen by the committee.
ACTION: MB to share the form with the rest of the committee
6. Community Chest round announced in newsletter – deadline 6 January 2014
7. AGM will be Thursday 5 December in the Community Room at the new Ice & Leisure Centre from 7pm – 9pm
Discussed the nature of the AGM and objectives for Streatham Action
ACTION: Committee to put AGM into diaries
8. SA Working Groups update:
Communications Sub Group: MC
Progress on website, thanks to SM pushing it on. Back end done, access given so we can add copy and test site. We are aiming for it to go live at the end of October 2013 we’ll be able to give it an official launch at the AGM. By the end of March 2014, the majority of Streatham Groups to be added to site (key deliverable for Active Streatham).
ACTION: All committee to test site and feedback to Comms Group
Old website will be offered to Lambeth Archives and, or migrated from old website to new website. SW – The British Library archive websites.
ACTION: SW to double check and report back.
RD – Policies to be drawn up by Comms Group regarding what is/isn’t acceptable content. MC – discussion and agreement regarding protocol on moderation still to be had and lead moderators decided.
ACTION: Comms Group / RD to action above
9. Active Streatham update (ongoing Matters Arising item) – SM
Planters / Food Growing / Trees – planters on Wellfield Road are moving to Palace Road estate as part of a start up for their TRA. Interest from varies parties including Stanthorpe Triangle, Sunnyhill School, Friends of Hillside Gardens.

RD opened the meeting introducing Elaine Aherne (EA) our new point of contact with LFN.

LFN UPDATES – discussion ensued about Lambeth’s new commissioning network and how this works with SA. LFN will be commissioned by council to provide Community Engagement Activities for the borough. Three possible models were offered which included 1. Staying as they are and changing nothing 2. Existing LFN members work with local friends group under their umbrella 3. All individual groups go under one large Forum (like a Super Forum. LFN opted for the second option. By the end of November, LFN now have to present an expression of interest to council. If the council are happy and in agreement with proposals they will offer the contract to LFN. LFN effectively act as the main contractors, then sub contract to the Forums with focus on Community Engagement. This ‘Compact Contract’ is for 200k over 2 years. 50% of this goes to all LFN overheads, 2 x Capacity Building Officers and the rest will be spread between the 12 groups who currently make up LFN.

Action: “All committee, look at our internal grant giving and monitoring of proposals/ work plan / small grants.” Need to make sure that our own year-end monitoring displays that we are delivering community engagement. Prepare a strategy to LFN saying Streatham has 4 wards out of 21 wards in the borough and therefore we should put a case together for increasing the amount of funding we receive.

SA Working Groups – Discussion and task around what our priorities are/should be for Streatham Action in the coming year were drawn up. Action: RD to review findings and finalise Working Groups, ready for AGM.

Small Business Saturday – 7 December

Small Business Saturday is taking place across the UK for the first time on Saturday 7th December. The day is designed to encourage people to shop locally and support small businesses in our communities. Keep Trade Local Challenge is a great way to engage with local residents to promote local businesses and prizes can be won.
Action: AG to send SM received letter.
Meeting closed at 9.45pm
Next Meeting: 14 November 2013 at 7.00pm with Streatham Hill Councillors