Streatham Action Committee Meeting - 16 December 2014

Streatham Action Committee Meeting
16 December 2014 7pm, HIDEAWAY WORK SPACE (formerly Streatham Business Centre 1 Empire Mews, SW16 2BF)

1. Welcome, apologies and introductions – 15 mins

2. Chair's update – 5 mins

3. Establishment of Streatham Action priorities for 2015 – 20 mins

4. Meeting schedule for 2015 – 10 mins

5. AOB - 10 mins

6. Close of meeting 8pm

Minutes: Streatham Action Management Committee meeting
Tuesday 16th December 2014 at Streatham Business Centre
Present: Lee Alley (LA) - Chair, Sarah Coyte, LBL,(SC) - Mins, Robert Doyle (RD), Mark Wilson (MW), Jonathan Bartley (JB), Brian Bloice (BB), Angie Foran (AF) – part, Jane Wroe-Wright (JWW), Kim Caddy (KC), Al Hamilton (AH), Neil Salt (NS), Agnes Baumont (AB)
Apologies: Geraldine, 

1. Welcome, apologies and introductions
LA welcomed everyone to the first meeting of the newly elected committee of Streatham Action and apologies were given as above. LA suggested that all introduce themselves and give a brief outline of their interest in Streatham. 
LA – has been involved in Streatham Action previously and has interests in a broad range of civic activities in the local area.
BB – Chair of Streatham Society, Lambeth Local History Forum, Lambeth and Southwark Archeological Society. Interested in preserving local heritage and the historic background of the area. Happy to be the main conduit for raising planning issues.
JB – has been involved in Streatham Action for three years. Resident of Streatham since 2001. Currently Chair of St Leonards Safer Neighbourhood Panel and governor of St Leonards Primary School. Interested in transport, road safety, accessibility issues.
RD – involved in Streatham Action and its predecessor Streatham Forum since 1997. Keen to focus on the sustainability of environmental schemes that have been initiated by Streatham Action.
JWW – 9 year resident of South London. Conscious that there are lots of groups and issues in Streatham but they are not always well communicated to local people. Co-producer of Heart Streatham magazine.
KC – mother of two young children, resident of South London for two years. Conservative councillor in Wandsworth, also Conservative PPC for Streatham. Keen to ensure a strong voice for the community.
MW – 6 year resident of Streatham. Involved in Streatham Action (SA) for a year. Has run a local football team since 2009. Keen to see better use of the potential in Streatham.
AH – long time local resident, recently stood down as school governor of Henry Cavendish primary school after ten years.
NS – president of Streatham Conservative association. Particular interest in transport issues and will be heading up transport sub-group, first meeting planned for January.
AB – no political affiliation. Graphic designer and owner of small local business. Keen to support Streatham.
SC – Capacity Building Officer with Lambeth Council. Here to provide flexible support to a number of local community forums with inclusive community engagement.

2. Establishment of Streatham Action priorities for 2015
LA invited all to consider their priorities for Streatham.
KC – given current budget constraints SA could consider applying for grants to spend money on good and useful projects. SA should have a strong lobbying voice, speaking out for local people.
JWW – similar to KC. SA should have one voice for Streatham, transcending local politics. Key issues are fly-tipping and transport.
NS – transport. Public meeting to be planned for early 2015 with key players held to account. Non-political forum.
AH – similar. Should keep an open mind as to key issues. There is the perception that Streatham doesn’t always get heard and we need to redress this.
AB – Streatham High Street should look much better and is not currently representative of the creativity of the area. We need to make the High Road ‘the place to go to’.
RD – want to see SA back to ‘fighting fitness’, with the backing of a wide cross-section of the community, not just the ‘usual suspects’. Would like a co-ordinated approach to local volunteering opportunities as well as the chance to sustain a number of ‘greening’ projects. 
JB – need to build trust and maintain positive and respectful relationships within SA. Need to be careful about bidding for money and not over-extend. Back to first principles – community forum and website before considering running projects. Mailing list is a great resource. Scrutiny function for SA.
BB – SA has not acted as a Forum over the last few years. Need to draw in groups like Friends of the smaller parks. Commitment to holding four public meetings a year. Upgrade and make Streatham Station fully accessible. Bring pressure to bear on Streatham councilors for works to Dyce Fountain on Streatham Green.
MW – SA should take on a scrutiny role. Flytipping and waste are priorities for all politicians. Other priorities are public meetings, improved communications and a shared voice. Also interested in the idea of SA as a ‘lean’ organisation. 
SC – keen to sustain the initiative where reps from SA went to hear the views of young people at the Streatham Youth and Community Trust (SYCT). 
LA agreed – it helps if we go to the young people rather than expecting them to come to us.
A general discussion about priorities followed. 
JB suggested that accessibility for shops on the High Street was a major issue and could be tackled when the pavements are improved. Cost will be a major factor for shop owners.
LA asked people to use ‘’ and ‘’ email addresses.
JB noted that the ‘Sussex route’ consultation, with 140 references to Streatham, concludes  on 7th January.
LA suggested that in addition to the transport sub group, other sub groups could include planning, community safety, young people.
Action: Volunteers to lead/be involved in sub groups to respond directly to LA (ALL)
LA suggested the committee choose top ten issues.
JWW suggested all think about this and email by end of week.
JB/BB – there may be planning money available for works to Streatham station.
KC – public meetings will help shape work programme as people will come up with priorities. 
LA mentioned the ‘If you could change one thing about where you live’ mapping that has been done by SA over the years. MW suggested the use of questionnaires/Survey Monkey/voting as a way of engaging more widely
Action – circulate mapping spreadsheets (LA/SC)
Action – email top priorities to LA by end of week (ALL) and he will establish top ten by Christmas
AF joined the meeting and introduced herself as the CEO of SYCT which has sites in Wellfield Rd, Conyers Rd and Streatham Vale Park. SYCT works with young people and also vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. SYCT has just secured a grant of £82 to improve the Conyers Rd building. Keen to build better links between SA and SYCT and to improve the reach of both.
SC circulated some handouts which set out some background information about the Lambeth Forum Network (LFN). There is also a weekly email that is sent out by SC/Gerry Evans to reps from all the forums. RD suggested it is good practice for some other committee members to be on this email circulation list. SC noted that currently the list includes Chair, Treasurer and Vice Chair from SA. 

3. Meeting schedule for 2015
There was a general discussion about which might be the best days for committee meetings. It was broadly agreed that 
committee meetings would be held every two months to allow time for sub groups to meet
meeting days of the week would be rotated as there was no one day that was good for everyone
councillors from the four Streatham wards would be invited on a rotating basis to provide an update on local issues at the start of the meeting
the first meeting of the transport sub group is planned for 26th January
the first SA committee meeting is planned for Tuesday 3rd February at 7pm (SC to check council meetings diary)

4. Any other business
NS suggested that not everyone would want/need access to all Streatham planning applications.
Action – set up ‘’ for those who are interested (LA)
Inform council contact in planning team to send planning application details to ‘’ (SC)
BB – the Performing Rights Society has relocated its head office with 300 staff members to the building above Kwikfit on the High Rd. They are very community minded.  BB circulated a draft list of key dates for Streatham including Kite Day, etc.
LA – SA will need to appoint an administrator and suggested that LA/AH/MW liaise to draft a job description to circulate to the group. All agreed.
The website is currently vulnerable to hacking. LA suggested that he, AH and MW to meet to come up with a proposal to rectify this. All agreed.
RD – bank mandate will need change of signatories along with handover of Treasurer function. There should also be a physical stocktake of equipment held by SA. SC to be involved in Treasurer handover and confirmation of current SA balance to comply with monitoring requirements.
Action: Handover meeting to be arranged (LA/RD/AH/SC)

Meeting closed at 8.10pm