Streatham Action AGM 2015 draft minutes

Streatham Action - Annual General Meeting, 9th December 2015

The Hideaway, 2 Empire Mews Stanthorpe Road, Streatham, SW16 2BF

Draft Minutes

All were welcomed to the Streatham Action AGM by Lee Alley, outgoing Chair.

Minutes of previous Streatham Action AGM were proposed as accepted by Lee Alley, and seconded by Jane Wroe-Wright.

Chair’s Annual Report presented by Lee Alley.
The Chair informed the meeting that over the last year Streatham Action has taken a change of course, working on strategic issues in the area. The two most important issues have been transport and planning. Specific issues include:


  • Safety on the A23
  • Safety of St. Leonards and Ambleside Avenue junctions
  • Mixed use parking bays on Streatham High Road
  • CrossRail2


  • The erection of L.E.D. billboards in a conservation area next to Streatham Common.

Streatham Action’s website had also been redeveloped.

Over the next year, Streatham Action hope to form an Environmental Sub-committee to look at issues such as air pollution on the A23 and fly-tipping and an Engagement and Communication Committee.

The Chair invited anyone interested in helping to get in touch with Streatham Action.


Treasurer’s Annual Report presented by Al Hamilton, Streatham Action Treasurer.

As of 30th October, Streatham Action had £11, 607.37 in the bank. Two-thirds of spending this year was in settlement of last year’s legacy invoices, totalling £1,695. A further £801 had been spent on items such as insurance, website, and administrative services. Giving an overall expenditure this year of £2, 495.27. Allocation of a £3,000 Lambeth Forum Network grant allocation is currently being considered.

The Chair asked for questions, none arose.

Sub-Committee Reports​

Planning Consultation Sub-Committee

A report prepared by the Planning Consultation Sub-Committee Chair, Russ Lensh was presented on his behalf by Lee Alley. The Planning Consultation Sub-Committee has monitored planning applications and focused of those which:

  1. are primarily of a commercial nature,
  2. involve properties in or near a conservation area,

  3. involve commercial street furniture,

  4. involve significant conversions of single dwelling properties to multiple dwellings

  5. anything unusually excessive or which generates concern within the committee.

This year, the sub-committee responded to four planning applications.



  1. An objection to the erection of a new two storey building in Rosedene Avenue. This was rejected by the council.
  2. In support of a retrospective planning application where the Planning Consultation Sub-Committee deemed the applicant was receiving unreasonable objections from their neighbour.  

  3. An objection to the installation of an internally lit L.E.D signboard in the vicinity of Streatham Common.

  4. An objection to a standalone two-storey basement building in the rear garden of a property in a conservation area.

The committee’s objectives for next year are to firstly, continue to monitor planning applications and secondly, to engage directly with Lambeth Council’s Planning Department in-order to understand how they function and how national and local policies influence their decision making.

Transport Sub-Group

Neil Salt, Chair of the Transport Sub-Group, informed the meeting that The Transport Sub-Group have met eight times over the last year. There are currently fifteen members of the group, with membership open to anybody with an active interest in transport issues within Streatham. Key work this year has included:

  1. Participation in a Lambeth Council meeting to discuss the short and long term future for transport in Lambeth.
  2. Requesting safety improvements at St. Leonard’s Junction.

  3. Work around residents’ concerns about the closure of Estreham Road to traffic, as part of the Quietways cycle route.

  4. Making a case for Streatham to be included on the CrossRail2 route map.

  5. Seeking to raise £20,000 for a 360degree review of Streatham’s transport needs.

  6. Submission to the South East Route Sussex Area Study which requested that the date when there will be more carriages per train be brought forward and to bring forward the date for the introduction of box signalling.


Annual Committee Elections were announced. The Chair invited anyone interested in joining Streatham Action to give their details to Sarah Coyte, Capacity Building Officer, Lambeth Council and informed the meeting that committee members could be co-opted throughout the year. The committee then stood down.

Sarah Coyte thanked the outgoing committee for the time, dedication and commitment they have given in a voluntary capacity. She informed the meeting that Streatham Action’s constitution allows for a committee of eleven ordinary members and four officers. There were nine nominations with no contested positions. All candidates were approved by a show of hands and Sarah Coyte confirmed the new Streatham Action committee as:  

Lee Alley (Chair)
Robert Doyle (Vice Chair)
Al Hamilton (Treasurer)
Jonathan Bartley
Caroline Hewitt
Neil Salt
Jane Wroe-Wright
Agnes Baumont

The AGM was closed by Chair, Lee Alley.

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