Streatham 21st Kite Date

Sunday, May 12, 2019 - 11:00

A great FREE event for all Streathamites, Kite fans and those who want a fun day out from further afield. It has everything…music, food…and kites!

Volunteers will be needed so if you want to join in – please let us know. We can only make it happen with the community being a part of it. its good fun and you get to be part of a really important Streatham Event.

It’s that time of year where professional Kite fliers from all over the country congregate in the heart of Streatham.

 – they started out on their local common in Southampton and in July they were crowned UK National Champions, in dual-line pairs, after four years finishing as the runners-up.

Twisted Bridle is Pea and Lisa – a kite flying pair who have been mentored by the Flying Fish. We look forward to welcoming them to their second Streatham Kite Day event.

 – a dual-line sport kite team will be showing off their fabulous moves as well.

We expect to be hypnotised again by the father and son kite flyers , who have flown together for over 20 years.

Members of the , which has been going since the early 1990s, will be attending the festival. One of the club’s main aims is to spread the word about kite flying and encourage people to get involved so come along and have a chat with them if you need advice or have any questions.

The most established club attending Kite Day is the  – they have been around since the 1970s and have an international membership.

 will also be performing alongside their founders the .

Keith aka NASAman will join us again to attempt to use the power of the wind to lift him up into the sky but not quite into space. His incredible kites can genuinely lift him into the air so he often has to be tethered down, just in case.

We are pleased to also welcome back the  (GOGs) and their big kites. They are a small, very select club, group or gang of “Old Gits” who make kites, fly kites and muck about. Look out for them as they aim to impress.


If you don’t own a kite,  or buy one at the festival?

Kite Day is the ideal family day-out with a range of food stands – this year we have incredible world flavours from our food trucks and stalls. Everything from Caribbean to Brazilian recipes, super tasty Vegan creations, Indian street food to Italian Pizza, Hog Roasts to Fish dishes, Beef brisket naan wraps to traditional festival favourites – Hotdogs, toasties and good old fashioned Mr Whippy ice cream. All washed down with Streatham’s finest coffee and home-made cakes.

There is also plenty of room for picnics, where you can relax and take in live music from local band Rapture Riders.

Once the food has been digested there are bouncy castles and face painting for children. Community groups are well represented with stalls for the curious visitor keen to find out more about the area or join one of the area's local groups or societies.

The organisers are planning to make this event as green as possible. There will be food vans on the day selling a fantastic range of food. But if you’re bringing your own picnic, please leave zero trace.

Please expect to take every bit of packaging back with you to recycle. The common will have litter pickers on the day – BUT WE DO NOT HAVE THE FACILITIES TO RECYCLE.

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