St Leonards Safer Neighbourhoods Ward Panel

Full up to date information for the St. Leonard's Ward Safer Neighbourhood Panel can be found on its website here:

The St Leonards panel was formed on the 14th of June 2006 for the first time., with minutes  detailing the issues discussed and officially constituted on the 8th of January 2007. The Terms of Reference of the Ward Panel are:

  • Set, and oversee, the priorities of the St Leonards Safer Neighbourhoods Team.
  • Review these priorities on a regular basis and change them if necessary.
  • Act as community representatives identifying issues of local concern which create fear of crime or affect the quality of life in an area.
  • Assist the police and the community with engagement and information flow.
  • Assist with problem solving and crime prevention activity.
  • Carry out environmental audits of the ward.
  • Provide the community with information on the status of, and progress with, the Ward team priorities.
Jeremy Clyne or Robert Hill
Contact details: