Speak out again to keep Streatham united

After deliberating for nearly a year, the Boundary Commission has now produced new proposals for how Streatham should be represented in parliament. 

Last year saw local residents, community organisations, a former Streatham MP and councillors from both parties representing Streatham wards come together to oppose plans to split Streatham between three parliamentary constituencies.

The Boundary Commission's plans would have left one of London's most culturally diverse areas with no single voice to represent it in parliament and in the community.  Possibly the longest shopping street in Britain would have been split into three, with no one MP to speak for its businesses or their customers.  The nonsensical proposals would have put one of Streatham's railway stations outside the "Streatham" constituency, and even the green space of Streatham common and the Rookery would have found itself in Mitcham.

Fortunately, after considering the many representations made by local people, the Commission has recognised that it got wrong, and on 16 October produced a new plan which keeps the four central wards together in a new "Clapham and Streatham" constituency.

Although the boundary review process seems stalled in parliament at the moment, the Boundary Commission's work is carrying on and residents should take this - probably final - opportunity to support the improvements which have been made. Why?  Well, the battle to keep Streatham together is not over yet as members of the public are being asked to comment on the revised plans.  To avoid adverse impacts as a result of comments or proposals relating to other areas, Streatham residents now  need to write to let the Commission know that this time it has produced plans which are right for the area, right for our community and right for local business.

How to comment on the proposals:

A can be downloaded from the Boundary Commission website.   You can read the commissioners' report and see changes to other South London  constituencies

There is a form for making comments to the Boundary Commission by the 10 December deadline  :

More background information:

  • includes the petition (now closed) which was run last year, and many pieces on the different stages of the boundary review process and how local people have been fighting to keep Streatham united.

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