A "short" history of the Streatham Hub development

Tesco Planning Application - October 2001 (withdrawn July 2002)

"Demolition of the existing bus depot, ice rink, and former Church Sunday school building, and redevelopment to provide a food store, two retail units, a unit for community use with 112 private residential units above the proposed car park, including a first floor roof garden facing Natal Road, and 48 affordable and key worker housing units above the food store, together with associated servicing and car parking facilities. Demolition of the existing car wash and carpet showroom and redevelopment to create a bus interchange." There was no mention of any plan to replace the rink.

Ice Rink Site sold to Tesco - January 2002

It was reported in the South London Press on 18th January that the rink site had been bought by Tesco. It had been assumed that one of the milestones was planning consent, which has not been obtained. It now appears that they have gone ahead with the purchase anyway. There was a commitment to keep it open at least until 31st August 2002.

Lambeth Council Resolution - April 2002

This Council also believes in making young people a priority. Council is therefore concerned about the future development of the Streatham Ice Rink. Council is particularly concerned to note that the lease granted to the current operators of the Ice Rink will be reviewed by Tesco at the end of August. This Council therefore calls on the Council elected on 2nd May 2002 to work with the local community and voluntary groups, and Tesco to protect and develop the use of the Ice Rink in Streatham so that this vital recreational facility is secured for the future use of Lambeth's young people. In the meantime Council instructs the Chief Executive and the Leader of the Council to meet as a matter of urgency with both Tesco and the current management of the Ice Rink to ensure that the Ice Rink stays open after the 31st August 2002. Failing any guarantee of the current management remaining in place the Council should negotiate with Tesco to take over the management of the Ice Rink in association with the Council's leisure centres contractor. To safeguard the longer term future of the Ice Rink the Council instructs the Chief Executive to investigate how the Council could use its compulsory purchase powers to buy the Ice Rink's freehold and thereby protect this vital asset for Lambeth youngsters."

STIR - new umbrella campaign group first meeting - July 2002

At a meeting on 14th May, it was agreed to set up an umbrella group to co-ordinate campaigning about the Ice Rink and the Streatham Hub site. The inaugural meeting was held 17th July 2002. The new group is called STIR (Save the Ice Rink) and is a coalition of SI SAG, residents' groups, the Streatham Society and the Streatham Community Forum. New planning application including rink - September 2002 The redrafting of the Tesco plans has happened very quickly and a new planning application was submitted on 6th September 2002. The plans include (from Tesco leaflet) Ice rink with 60x30m ice pad and 1000-seat capacity Leisure centre with two swimming pools, fitness centre, sports hall New Tesco superstore Residential units including affordable housing provision New public square and amenity area by United Reformed Church Facilities making it easier to use public transport Underground parking for Tesco, Leisure Centre and residential Additional ground level private residential parking Tesco expect a guarantee to have continuous ice skating facility during development to be a condition of planning consent. They are proposing a phased development with the new ice-rink built before the old one demolished and store built.

New rink management from - December 2002

Tesco have granted a license to Starburst Ltd, who run GilIingham Ice Bowl, to operate the existing rink from December 9th for a limited period. Katherine Edwards of Tesco, quoted in the Streatham Guardian, said "This is in line with our promise to keep the rink in continuous use. We took on the new management in response to the wishes of the community and Lambeth Council, who asked for a new rink operator with a proven track record in running ice rinks"

Planning consent granted - February 2003

The planning committee meeting took place on 18th February 2003. It started at 7.30 p.m. and went on until 1a.m! Among other things, the continuity of the swimming pool became a big issue, and for a while it looked as if the application would fail because of that. In the event, consent was approved, subject to section 106 and conditions, by a vote of 5 to 2. The section 106 agreement will impose obligations for continuity of ice rink provision: No development to take place on the ice rink land until the leisure facility has been constructed, fitted out and completed to the reasonable satisfaction of the Council and the leisure centre is in a state suitable for use by the public. The existing ice rink to be kept open at current levels of operation until completion etc. of the leisure centre. As mentioned above, continuity of the swimming pool was hotly debated at the planning meeting. There will not be continuous operation of the pool, but a condition has been added so that the swimming pool cannot be demolished until the financing of the replacement leisure centre has been secured and contract for works are in place. This should guarantee that the replacement pool is built, but there is an expected gap in provision of 16 months.

Planning Applications Committee - February 2004

The Lambeth Planning Applications Committee (PAC) met on 10th February 2004. A report was presented by planning officers on progress in the negotiations for the Section 106 agreement, with recommendations for the approach to be taken for the rest of the negotiations. The PAC accepted the recommendations in full. The next, steps are for the issues ofland exchange and leisure funding to be considered by the Council Executive. The expected date for this is 5th April 2004.

Section 106 agreement finalized - July 2005

The text of the Section 106 agreement (the legal agreement that goes with the planning consent) was agreed between Lambeth and Tesco at a meeting on 29th July 2005. The GLA have verbally advised council officers (to be confirmed in writing) that there are no problems with the agreement as finalised, i.e. they are happy with the changes since the version they approved at the start of this year. The council solicitors have been instructed to complete the agreement based on this version. When the agreement has been signed and planning permission issued the next step in the procurement, the Invitation to Negotiate (planned for September), will be able to go ahead. We had thought the agreement was all ready to be signed as soon as the GOL approval came through, and hearing that there were still negotiations going on caused some anxiety. SISAG asked the planning department what details were still being discussed, and for reassurance that they did not affect the clauses about ice rink continuity. The reply said: There are a number of matters to clear up before the agreement can be signed including some detailed matters relating to rights of access, some technical matters regarding the phasing of construction of the Tesco store and Bus layover and the need to agree a definition for the construction methodology statement. As far as the ice rink is concerned the Council is committed to ensuring continuity of ice on the site.

Section 106 agreement at PAC meeting - May 2006

The Streatham Hub Section 106 agreement is on the agenda for the Planning Applications Committee meeting next Tuesday 30th May. The previous draft SI06 was agreed by the PAC in August 2004. The reasons for revising it are stated in paragraph 1.3 of the report, as follows. Market testing in 2004 established that if the scheme were to be constructed with two separate contractors working on the two elements of the scheme the project overall would not be viable. In order to achieve a scheme that was affordable, the Executive Director of Environment and Culture negotiated a revised procurement route with Tesco in regard to both the configuration of the new leisure centre and the most appropriate delivery mechanism. Officers are therefore recommending that the draft SI06 agreement be amended to allow Tesco to build and manage the whole development. The Council would then purchase the leisure centre from Tesco at a fixed price. This would enable substantial cost savings as only one contractor on site would be required to build the Tesco food store, the residential flats and the leisure centre.

Hub update at SAC meeting - March 2007

A short report on "Streatham Ice and Leisure Centre Funding and Construction" was on the agenda for the Streatham Area Committee meeting on Wednesday 7th March 2007. Councillor Paul McGlone, Lambeth Cabinet member for Regeneration and Enterprise, who has political responsibility for the regeneration project, was at the meeting. However, to the dismay of the committee members and public, there was no officer there to present the report and answer questions. Cllr McGlone introduced himself and said that "the prize was worth hanging on to". He announced that the money to bridge the previous £l.2M funding gap was finally agreed last week. Referring to the 9 month delay announced in the report, he said that the cause was the complexities of the project, including that the building required the ice rink over the pool the phasing required to keep the existing ice rink until the new leisure centre was built the phasing required by TfL insisting on a bus layover on-site throughout the "ransom strip" of land with ambiguous legal status the need to replace the main sewer under the site. He said the Council still has faith in Tesco to deliver the project. It is in everyone's interest to ensure cost certainty which is why they have decided to allow this extension. The legal agreements will be signed indicating faith in the process. Section 106 and Development Agreement signed - December 2007 Lambeth Planning department have confirmed that the Section 106 and Development agreement were signed on 7th December 2007 and the planning permission issued. Now the contract has been signed a contractor can be selected and work can begin. As reported in the South London Press (l4th December) Cabinet member for regeneration and enterprise councillor Paul McGlone said: "As with any complex project, there is still some way to go before things start happening on the ground. But progress is being made and we continue to pass major milestones on our way to completing this project." One of the reasons this is a major milestone is because the Section 1 06 is the document containing the clauses guaranteeing continuity of ice skating provision

An update from the "Future Streatham" team at Lambeth - September 2008

Plans to transform leisure facilities in Streatham have taken another step closer. The developer, Tesco, has submitted revisions to the original planning application of2005 that will mean the whole scheme, including new housing, could be complete a year earlier than planned. Revised plans include the proposal to provide a temporary bus garage. This means the swimming pool will need to close for less time than previously thought, while the new leisure centre could open slightly earlier than planned. Estimates suggest the swimming pool would close in Autumn 2010 and the new leisure centre could open Summer 2011. The existing ice rink will remain open until the new ice rink is ready to use. The revised planning application is: 1) Variation of conditions attached to planning permission ref02/02557IFUL for the redevelopment of the site to provide a leisure complex (ice rink, swimming pool, health and fitness facilities and community uses), 250 residential units, including affordable housing, a retail store, bus lay-over, public square together with associated car parking and servicing. 08/03477IFUL 2) Temporary change of use for a period of 4 years to bus stand facility and associated and ancillary development including welfare and mess room. Construction of retaining walls at boundaries and creation of hard standing in all other areas. Proposal also requires the demolition of the former Sunday school. 08/03455/FUL 3) Demolition of existing buildings on site, including the ice rink and swimming pool buildings to allow redevelopment of the site to include leisure, retail and residential uses. 08/3457 ICON 4) Demolition of former Sunday School building attached to United Reform Church, to allow redevelopment of the site to include leisure, retail and residential uses. 08/03454/LB

Revised plans get consent - November 2008

The revised plans, including the temporary bus garage, gained planning consent at a meeting of the Planning Applications Committee on 11th November 2008.

Streatham Leisure Centre closes due to safety concerns - November 2009

In an extremely negative consequence of the long delays to the Streatham Hub project, Streatham leisure centre has closed until further notice, after a ceiling fall caused health and safety concerns over the structure of the building. Streatham Hub project to go ahead with temporary rink.

Tesco Board - March 2010

On 17th March 2010 Tesco Board approved an agreement to go ahead with the Streatham Hub development to provide the same leisure, housing and supermarket development as originally promised, and hopes to deliver it by December 2012. But a change to the delivery of the project means the entire site (including the existing rink) will be knocked down at the same time. Tesco says it has not broken a promise of "continuity of ice provision" in the area, as a "high quality" temporary ice rink will be built in its place. A Tesco spokesman said plans for the temporary ice rink are expected to be unveiled in the near future and could open as early as next year.

Lambeth Cabinet Meeting - March 2010

Lambeth held a special Cabinet meeting to consider the Streatham Hub report on Monday 29th March 2010. Cllr Lib Peck (Regeneration) introduced the new plan and said it was a fruitful outcome of the negotiations with Tesco. The scheme is intact except for the larger Tesco retail space and the off-site provision for continuity of ice. The next steps were to finalise the new development agreement, confirm the site for the temporary rink and submit planning applications. Cllr Rachel Heywood, whose portfolio includes both Sport+Leisure and Open Spaces, said that any permission for Streatham Common must be temporary, with the building completely dismantled afterwards and the Common restored in full. A spokesman for the Friends of Streatham Common welcomed progress on the Hub but voiced strong opposition to the plans for a temporary rink and possibly a gym on the Common. He said the Metropolitan Commons Act allowed no building except for the management of the Common, and Common land should not be taken out of public use except in exceptional circumstances (as happened in WW2). They are concerned about disruption, removal of trees, closure of footpaths, traffic on the Common, and feel Tesco and Lambeth should be able to provide temporary provision on the Streatham Hub site. Brian Bloice of the Streatham Society was unable to attend but had sent an email submission to Cabinet (which the meeting did not hear). CUr Ashley Lumsden spoke for the Council Opposition. He welcomed continuity of ice but expressed concern that the previous planning permission was not implemented and asked whether Lambeth were going to create a better mechanism than planning conditions to ensure the promises are kept this time, such as a financial bond from Tesco. Lee Alley of Streatham Action spoke about the strong feeling from the two public meetings, and wanted more information about what work had been done on alternatives before deciding on the Common. He was among several speakers to regret that this issue, previously unifying, was now causing division amongst local society because of the plan to use the Common. He also proposed a bond from Tesco to cover the full cost of building the leisure facilities. Matthew Stevens, a local resident who lives close to the development, was concerned about traffic management and wanted more details of the leisure facilities. There were then questions from members of Cabinet, including Cllrs John Kazantsis and Mark Bennett, whose Streatham South ward includes the Common. They said it was perhaps surprising that they support this proposal, but they felt it was the best option in the circumstances. Council officers then responded to the questions. Sandra Fryer (Divisional Director of Strategy and Partnerships) said that: The existing ice rink will not close until the temporary rink is open. The temporary rink will not close until the new leisure centre is open. The Tesco store will not open until the new leisure centre is open. The Mayor and Government Office for London have been briefed and responded positively so far. The site search assessed 12 sites before deciding the Common was the best option. Lambeth intend to work to make sure the Common is left enhanced at the end of the process. This is the 3rd time the scheme has been to the Tesco board but the first time it has been approved to proceed. The Council doesn't feel a financial bond is necessary - the development agreement will be robust. Here was no intention to cause division in the local community and they will work on communication and consultation. Peter Jones (Divisional Director of Cultural Services) said that: Consultation about temporary gym and swimming facilities will be outside the planning process. Consultation about the temporary ice rink will take place as part ofthe planning process. Mark Hynes (Legal Officer) said that: The proposal to build on Metropolitan Open Land requires a separate planning permission. The fact that it is a registered Common requires the consent of the Secretary of State. Compiled by Brian Bloice Source mainly the website of the Ice Rink users group