"Save our Streatham": - responses published

<p>Last year, as part of its plans to re-organise parliamentary constituencies across England, the Boundary Commission published initial proposals which would mean that the four wards in the centre of Streatham would be split between three different constituencies, and that no single MP would be there to speak for the whole of Streatham.<br /> As with many other areas, a large number of organisations and individuals made representations to the Commission about the proposed break-up of Streatham. The Commission has now published the responses on line:<br /> http://consultation.boundarycommissionforengland.independent.gov.uk/have-your-say/<br /> I haven't found a way to search for all responses relating to Streatham; if anyone else has, please let people know.<br /> The deadline for making comments on these responses is mid-day on Tuesday 3 April. After that, the Commission will produce revised proposals.<br /> There is more background to the boundary review and the legal constraints within which it is working here:<br /> <a href="http://consultation.boundarycommissionforengland.independent.gov.uk/news/joining-the-debate/">http://consultation.boundarycommissionforengland.independent.gov.uk/news/joining-the-debate/</a>&nbsp;and there are&nbsp;earlier&nbsp;discussion topics on the Streatham Action&nbsp;site</p> <p><br /> <strong>Update:</strong> I've just had this response&nbsp;from the Boundary Commission:</p> <p><em>Enabling a search by constituency would have required the “tagging” of every representation with the name of the constituency or constituencies that it referred to.&nbsp; In light of the number of representations received [over 22,000 unique representations], it would not have been possible to complete such an exercise within the tight timescale for the review as set down by Parliament.&nbsp; In order to make it easier for people to locate particular representations, we have made it possible for people to search the database by a number of filters, including the region of England, the name of the person writing the representation and the type of respondent such as Member of Parliament, a Local Authority or a member of the public.</em></p> <p>So, to search for Streatham, we need to trawl through all responses for the London region.&nbsp; A simple text search box would have been useful.<br /> &nbsp;</p>

<p>I did manage to find some of the most relevant responses to the proposals affecting Streatham.&nbsp;</p> <p>The official Labour Party and official Conservative party responses both accept the boundaries of the Streatham &amp; Tooting seat proposed by the Boundary Commission.&nbsp; The Labour Party response covers the whole country.&nbsp; The Conservative Party response is for the whole of London.</p> <p>Official Liberal Democrat response for London suggests a Streatham &amp; Norwood seat instead (pages 17-18 map page 46) http://bit.ly/Amt3Fg</p> <p>[Apologies if I have missed an official Green Party response but it wasn&#39;t listed as such]</p> <p>Other significant responses that I found were:</p> <p>Proposal from Keith Hill, former Labour MP for Streatham http://bit.ly/xJaUtR (sensible ideas reunite 3 of 4 Streatham wards but not South)</p> <p>Response from @jkazantzis @CllrMarkBennett &amp; Dave Malley - Labour councillors for Streatham South http://bit.ly/yauzDS</p> <p>Proposal by Tory ex cllr Simon Hooberman to keep all Streatham wards together in one Parliamentary seat http://bit.ly/yLxpoC</p> <p>Separate response (and petition) from Alex Davies Lib Dem Cllr for Streatham Wells http://bit.ly/zb67va</p> <p>Response from Jeremy Clyne - Lib Dem councillor for Streatham Hill - http://bit.ly/y58GQn</p> <p>I suspect there may be several others that I have missed.</p>