Remembrance Sunday 2018 - Streatham Civic Service of Remembrance

The first group of Indian pilots arrive in Britain in 1940 to join the RAF. Five million non-British personnel fought for Britain in the second world war. All volunteers, with the majority coming from India and Africa plus a huge contribution from the West Indies and other commonwealth countries.
Sunday, November 11, 2018 - 10:30

The first world war ended 100 years ago. If you wish to remember those who died, pay your respects to those who fought and honour those who survived, then come to the Service of Remembrance at Streatham War Memorial on the corner of the High Road and Streatham Common North Side at 10.30 on Sunday 11th November 2018. 

As in previous years, a wide variety of local community groups have been invited to attend.

The service is non-denominational.  Those of all faiths or none are welcome.  The Officiant this year will be a representative of the Shiite Muslim faith from the Hyderi Mosque in Estreham Road.

For many years the Streatham service has been organised jointly between the office of Streatham's Member of Parliament and the Association of Jewish Ex Servicemen and Women.  Without the ongoing commitment of AJEX during the 1980s, the Streatham ceremony could not have been continuously observed over the years.


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Roger Bowdery
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