Proposed CPZ for St. Leonard’s and Streatham Vale West area – LAST CALL, consultation ends Monday 30th September 2019

Hopefully, all residents in the above areas will have received a letter through the post over the past few weeks that provides details of this “stage 1 consultation” that Lambeth is now in the final week of the undertaking, with the consultation being open for the whole of the month of September. If you have received this correspondence from Lambeth Council then you will also have been provided with a Unique Reference Number (URN), which you will need in order to be able to complete the questionnaire on Lambeth’s website. If you have not received your URN then please contact Lambeth Council about this at the following email address:

Once you have your URN, please  complete the questionnaire on Lambeth’s website which can also be accessed here:



The areas being consulted upon during this process – Streatham Hill having been previously consulted, prior to implementation of its CPZ to the west of Streatham High Road – are the whole of St. Leonard’s ward and the roads close by Streatham Common station that are located either side of the railway line and with a boundary of Greyhound Lane.

Fyi, the consultation process with the remaining parts of Streatham South ward will take place at a later stage.

Streatham Wells ward will not be undertaking a “stage 1 consultation”, on the basis that the majority response from residents to a parking survey carried out in Feb/March last year was negative to the CPZ proposal for that area.

Two of the main aspects up for consideration are:

i) The period of the “controlled hours” of operation for the CPZ, with a choice between

  • 10:00 – 12:00
  • 10:00 – 16:00
  • 10:00 – 17:30

ii) The days of operation for the controlled hours, with a choice between:

  •  Monday – Friday only
  •  Monday-Saturday
  • All week

As the map on the back page of the consultation document that you will have received, together with your URN, details, possible sub-divisions of the St Leonard’s and Streatham Vale West area are shown by means of a green dotted line. Natural areas of possible sub-division relate to:

  • The area of St. Leonard’s Ward that is located north of Tooting Bec Gardens;
  • The Stanthorpe Triangle, incorporating the roads of Stanthorpe Rd, Gleneldon Rd, Shrubbery Rd, Bournevale Rd and Ashlake Rd;
  • The area of St Leonard’s Ward south of Tooting Bec Gardens, aside from the Stanthorpe Triangle;
  • Streatham Vale West, which area comprises those roads the other side of the railway line through Streatham Common, up to a boundary line of Greyhound Lane.

It is possible that the hours of operation for this proposed new CPZ will be different across some or all of these possible sub-divisions of the whole area.

Please, therefore, give key attention when you come to submit your “stage 1 consultation” response as to the particular controlled hours of operation that you think would be best suited for your road.

Next Stages beyond this “stage 1 consultation”

As the correspondence from LBL makes clear, “the results of the consultation, along with officers’ recommendations, will then be presented to the Deputy Leader (Environment and Clean Air)”, with all respondents then being informed of their decision accordingly. If there is majority support to moving to the next stage, in any one part or all of this area, then there will need to be a further “statutory consultation period”, which will then likely take place early in the new year and at latest by the spring.


Please do respond to this consultation and encourage your neighbours to do likewise. The response rate on the Feb/March 2018 parking survey was around 15%, which I am sure that you will agree is a disappointing level of response for something that will impact upon all residents in this area who own a car.

With less than one week still to go, the response rate to date has not been huge – is this on account of the majority of residents of the area being comfortable with all of these recommendations, or the fact that busy lives have got in the way, so far, of finding time to respond? If you have not yet responded, please do so by midnight on Sunday 29th September, if at all possible.  This is your main chance for making your views known on all aspects surrounding the proposals to introduce a CPZ in this area.


Neil Salt

Chair, Streatham Action Transport