Post a local event to our calendar

For organisations, TRAs, Safer Neighbourhoods panels, etc, feel free to post your events tot he site events calendar.

To post your event, click on the "Create content" link then on the "Local event" link. This creates a web page wdetails of the date, time and place for your event and a description of what someone reading the page should expect from this event.

At its simplest, type in the name of the event into the "Title" field, enter the date and time the event will take place in the "From date" field then describe the event as much as you want in the "Body" field.

The same formatting buttons are there to format text in the same way as with a forum post.

A picture of the Add event post formAs before, to link to another page, click on the link icon (greenish icon, 3rd from the right) and enter/paste in the URL (address) of the web page to be linked to.

Once you've written what you wish to, click the "Save" button at the bottom of the form and the post will be added to the forum.