Hub clears final planning hurdle

Lambeth&;s planning committee has tonight approved final details of the appearance and materials for the Streatham Hub development, with a general consensus that the appearance of the scheme now being presented was an improvement on what had been proposed in June 2011.  

Objectors raised concerns that the choice of materials would leave the council and its leisure operator with a future maintenance headache as the choice of render and glazing would not cope well in the environment.

Tesco and their architects countered that the choice of materials was effectively self-cleaning, but the question of the design life of the cladding materials as against the 60 year design life of the leisure centre itself was not addressed.

There was some concern that the leisure centre building would not be prominent enough when seen from the street, but it was accepted that this was largely down to the survival of the "Chimes Corner" block which blocks views from the south.