Brixton Temporary Ice Rink is not fit for purpose

<p> <em>[Edited by Robert Doyle of Streatham Action on 14 October to add:&nbsp; For those linking directly to this page from Twitter and other reposts - this is a post on our forum pages and represents Trevor Hutton&#39;s views and not any official position of Streatham Action.&nbsp;&nbsp; We welcome all views on the future of the Hub.&nbsp; Please register for the site and let us know your views on this key issue for Streatham.]</em></p> <p> To those of you that believe that Lambeth and Tesco&#39;s have solved the Streatham Hub temporary location by putting it on the Popes Road Car Park site in Brixton please think again, having seen the initial draft plans it is clear that the 26m * 56m Ice Pad just fits on the floorplan of the Car Park, the reception, office, skate shop, 2 changing rooms,2 coach rooms are all located to the right side of the building using the Market Cleaning and storage area, the limited space provided within the rink will severely limit the number allowed to be in the rink by the Fire Brigade on health and safety grounds, we currently can have 1000 on the ice and a maximum of 1200 in the rink free space, this is likely to be less than a quarter of that, even if a&nbsp;mezzanine viewing floor were constructed it would still be less than 40% of what we are currently allowed, combined with the limited seating 87 currently and only 18 parking bays with a single drop off point, it has occurred to many of our clubs and teams that they will not be able to survive in these conditions, the additional travelling time to and from Brixton with the knowledge that finding a car parking space near to the rink will be unlikely leads to further concerns of safety with regard to possessions,ourselves and our children, the Brixton police when asked about extra safety measures were not aware of the rink coming to Brixton and said had they have been asked would have strongly advised against as they have enough difficulties in the area currently and advised against allowing children to come to the rink between the hours of 3pm and 7pm, remember we were promised that we would get a state of the art ice rink and that we would be no worse off, we will be far worse off and many of us will be forced to close our clubs and teams, it is clear that whoever takes on running this rink if it is built will struggle to make a profit. We say the existing 106 with conditions set by Ken Livingston back in 2004 should be honoured by both Lambeth and Tesco&#39;s , Tesco&#39;s have already put in for an extra 50% floor space in their store it is actually more than that as they converted 3562m2 to be 40,000 sq ft where in fact it is only 38341, so the 60,000 sq ft they have applied for is an extra 56% not 50% as stated, this seems to be in contravention of the 2007 UDP limits, so this should have been enough of a gain for them. Tesco&#39;s should do as promised build the Leisure Centre First on the Bus garage as planned this will only take 2 years, just 6 months longer than going through the motions of building a temporary rink in Brixton which we don&#39;t want and neither do the people or the traders in Brixton, they want a replacement car park urgently. Support us by signing our new petition&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank"><font color="#074d8f"><u><wbr>petitions/savestreathamskating</wbr></u></font></a><br /> <wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr>And please use facebook or twitter to ask your friends to sign up <a href="" target="_blank"><font color="#074d8f"><u><wbr>Save-Skating-in-Streatham/<wbr>133970333315344?v=info</wbr></wbr></u></font></a><br /> <wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr> <wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr> <wbr><wbr><a href="" target="_blank"><font color="#074d8f"><u><wbr>skatestreatham</wbr></u></font></a><br /> <wbr><wbr> <wbr><wbr> <wbr>our other petition has some malfunction it is a shame as so far 328 people have signed to say no to Brixton &nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank"><u><font color="#074d8f"><wbr>uk/petition/save-skating-in-<wbr>streatham/362</wbr></wbr></font></u></a><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr>&nbsp;You will also see shortly how the market traders, high street shops and the people of Brixton also say no when a number of protests happen over the next few weeks. Please support the youth of Streatham, they need this sports facility to stay where it is, it can survive another 3 or more years if need be.</wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></p> <p> <wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr> <p> <wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></p> <wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr> <p> <wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr> </wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></p> <wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr> <p> <wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></p> <wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr> <p> <wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr> </wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></p> <wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr><wbr> <p> &nbsp;</p> <p> &nbsp;</p> </wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></wbr></p>