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Welcome to Angelina Purcell - Streatham's new Town Centre Manager

This is a very belated posting to say hello to Angelina Purcell, who is Lambeth Council's new permanent "Town Centre Manager" for Streatham.

This is a much-needed return to the commercial focus in the Town Centre Manager role, and Angelina's background running Croydon's Chamber of Commerce has to be a good thing.    

We look forward to working with Angelina and Streatham's business community to make Streatham a better place, starting with Streatham High Road.

Thanks to everyone who came to our Feb 10th meeting about the Hub (meeting minutes attached)

This is just a brief post to thank every one of the 200 people who came out to tonight's meeting on a bitterly cold night.  They included a lot of ice rink users of all ages, and I hope they haven't been put off coming again! 

The absence of Tescos made it a particularly frustrating evening, with Lambeth Councillors and Officers still citing commercial confidentiality, despite previous hopes that a deal would have been announced before Christmas.   

We'll try and put up some fuller notes as soon as possible.

Streatham Hub Public Meeting #1 - so what did we learn?

So Council officers and Tesco came to Streatham to report on the Hub status. Streatham Action hosted a public meeting at the and both sides presented the side of things they wanted us to hear, and were asked questions. We will be uploading a redux of the minutes taken (there were pages and pages) as soon as a copy is available, but in the meantime, what did we learn?

In the bleak midwinter... STREATHAM HUB UPDATE

As many of you will be aware from the local press, Lambeth Council and Tesco failed to respond within their original eight week deadline from our Novermber public meeting with their updated proposals for the Hub site. 

We are being assured that something wil be announced in the New Year. 

Streatham Action are planning a public meeting on Leisure in Streatham to discuss both the closure of the Leisure Centre, and the ongoing uncertainty about the longer-term plans for the hub.


UPDATE: 18 December

Bringing the Tube to Streatham

This is a belated post to include a link to the new website set up by a local resident, Kent Martin, to campaign to bring the tube to Streatham
There is a blog at:
In a frenzy of social media activity, Kent is also Twittering at:
and there is a facebook page at:

***UPDATED*** All change at Streatham Hill Station

On Sunday I wrote:

"After a blissfully simple fortnight at Streatham Hill station since the bridge linking the new stairs to the ticket office reopened, I understand that from Monday 23rd November everyone is back to the temporary entrance on Drewstead Road.

Apparently, access from the booking hall to the platforms needs to be closed to allow the reconstruction of the ticket office to take place and to allow the installation of a barrier gate line (which as some point in 2010 might actually accept Oyster PAYG!).

Thanks to everyone who came to our October 8th meeting about the Hub

Representatives from Tesco, Lambeth's regeneration team and Cllr Lib Peck, the Lambeth Cabinet Member responsible were all present at last night's meeting.
Both sides stated that they were still committed to the project, but weren't willing to discuss the terms of their current negotiations on revised plans for the site. They said that they will be able to go public in eight weeks time - i.e just before Christmas.