28 Mount Ephraim Lane, London, SW16 1JG

An application has been received for the above development, please forward any observations/comments you wish to make by 15 July 2020. Your views will be taken into account when the application is being considered. If you have not replied within this period I will assume that you have no observations/comments on the proposal. Under the Local Government (Access to Information) Act 1985, any comments made are open to inspection by the public, and in the event of an appeal may be referred to the Secretary of State for the Environment. Confidential comments cannot be taken into account in determining an application. Finding out more
Details of planning applications, including the drawings and any other related documents can normally be viewed on the council’s website (www.lambeth.gov.uk/planningdatabase). Our website provides detailed information about the planning process, a frequently asked questions page, details of council policies relating to development (Lambeth Local Plan 2015) and links to other useful Planning websites. Commenting on the application Comments can be submitted online through our Planning applications database (www.lambeth.gov.uk/planningdatabase) and searching for the application reference: 20/01866/FUL. We will only acknowledge comments received electronically. YOUR COMMENTS WILL BE VIEWABLE TO THE PUBLIC VIA THE PLANNING APPLICATIONS DATABASE, PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE ANY PERSIONAL DETAILS WITHIN YOUR COMMENTS 
Please ensure that we receive your comments by 15 July 2020. Your Case Officer is Ms Rebecca Marshall who may be contacted on 020 7926 6877. Email: [email protected]
Frederic Djidetchian