£67K to plant 300 trees in Streatham

The Street Trees Coalition has managed to get $67,500 of funding from the Mayors Street Tree Initiative to plant 300 trees in Streatham. Members of the public have nominated over 60 streets for tree planting – across the whole of Streatham.

However, in order to secure these funds they need to raise 50% matching funding (The total cost of the trees is $135,000 which includes three years of pruning, watering, feeding and insurance to replace any vandalised trees).

Lambeth is very excited about the funding and are doing their upmost to find the 50% match funding needed to get the project going. They’re confident they can find a large part of this, but the more money that can be raised equal more trees for Streatham.

Anthony Ellis has started an online fundraiser to help Streatham reach this target-Please do help promote this by passing it onto your family, friends and colleagues. For further information about the project please contact