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The web site seems well designed but there are a few small annoyances: <ul> <li>Why do I need an 8 char password for a forum on Streatham? I personally find it difficult to remember my user name let alone an essay for a password. </li><li>If this week is Streatham Festival week then why are there no details on the festival???? </li><li>Could you ask Streatham historical society if they'd like to store some interesting facts on Streatham on the site or dates for future talks. I'd of thought they'd tie in quite well with the group. </li><li>Should there be a Streaham information page on such things as shops, sports venues, clubs etc. These could be arranged by subject ie Sport&gt;Ice Hockey or by date ie Sunday &gt; Comedy at the ... </li></ul> Mike

I appreciate the thought behind the password thing. I don't want my account hijacked like that MP on Facebook. Besides my techies always pester me that even Microsoft urge long passwords: (That's what they send me when I complain). Maybe I'll have some good karma with them now!

good idea - like the idea of info in one place. also looking forward to the ice hockey!

Good feedback! The password policy has been disabled for all except admin accounts. Admins can recover any accounts that are hacked (but not necessarily deleted content) so the character requirement is deemed unnecessary. Admin accounts have a password length several times the previous requirement so the site should be safe. Let us know if we can improve anything else :)

Pippa Towler-Green and Phillip Poole may have the opportunity to take part in the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver this coming February representing the UK as the second couple in addition to Sinead and John Kerr who have already got their place. This second place was acheived when Pippa and Phillip did well in the Worlds chamionships in Los Angeles last February, however NISA (National Ice Skating Association for England) will not select a couple until the Sheffield British championships in November where 5 couples will compete for this place in Vancouver, they hope to win and have the opportunity to fulfill their dream of taking part. So why this comment, as a friend of this couple I know the struggle that they have gone through to achieve this, both have had to work to fund themselves, they have had no financial support from Sport England through NISA, I know for example the Kerrs have £330,000 pa they have the best skating and dance trainers, the best advisors and are staying in America with the best facilities to use, they do not have to work and can concentrate purely on improving their routines, conversly Pippa and Phillip have just their mum and Streatham Ice arena to practice in, this rink is not Olympic size so not only do they have to modify their dance routines for competitions they also suffer the harsh environment currently at the rink in the early mornings from 6am to get the time they need to try and prepare themselves for these competitions. They will only have a few months to prepare if they do win the British, it is unlikely that NISA will help them with finances, although they will be wearing the UK team squads colours, If any of you know companies or investors willing to assist this couple please get in touch with them through the rink, they are shy and proud having fought against the odds for many years, but I'm sure they would welcome some help. I realise many athletes have been neglected even in the run up to our summer Olympics in 2012 but I feel you will be hard pressed to find others with as much dedication and true grit as this couple have given to their sport, they are worthy of representing the UK but for some unknown reason the UK has not supported them.