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The Jungle Book

<p>sixteenfeet productions presents</p> <p>The Jungle Book</p> <p>Inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s Mowgli Stories</p> <p>By Andrew S.Walsh</p> <p>Original music composed by Guy Holden</p> <p>Directed by John Ward</p> <p>Thursday 11 – Sunday 14 August</p> <p>Weekday performances: 11:30 &amp; 14:30</p> <p>Weekend performances: 14:30 &amp; 17:30</p> <p>Cost: Adults (£12.50/£12)</p> <p>Children (£8.50/£8)</p>

Take our commuter survey!

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Streatham Action are gathering evidence to support our cause to bring a Crossrail 2 Station to Streatham. You can help with this by filling out ! We need to present evidence of the various factors present in the area that are used to decide where stations are best suited for placement. To do this you can help us by telling us about your commute - starting point, destinations, mode of travel, journey times, etc.