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Bringing the Tube to Streatham

This is a belated post to include a link to the new website set up by a local resident, Kent Martin, to campaign to bring the tube to Streatham
There is a blog at:
In a frenzy of social media activity, Kent is also Twittering at:
and there is a facebook page at:

***UPDATED*** All change at Streatham Hill Station

On Sunday I wrote:

"After a blissfully simple fortnight at Streatham Hill station since the bridge linking the new stairs to the ticket office reopened, I understand that from Monday 23rd November everyone is back to the temporary entrance on Drewstead Road.

Apparently, access from the booking hall to the platforms needs to be closed to allow the reconstruction of the ticket office to take place and to allow the installation of a barrier gate line (which as some point in 2010 might actually accept Oyster PAYG!).

Green Drinks

The next Streatham Green Drinks is on Thursday 12 November at a New Venue: Perfect Blend Cafe & Bar on Streatham High Road, opposite Streatham Hill Station.

This is a monthly event on the 2nd Thursday of every month. No
agenda, no plan, just a reason for people to come and have a drink,
talk green things, meet one another and find out what else is going on.

Thanks to everyone who came to our October 8th meeting about the Hub

Representatives from Tesco, Lambeth's regeneration team and Cllr Lib Peck, the Lambeth Cabinet Member responsible were all present at last night's meeting.
Both sides stated that they were still committed to the project, but weren't willing to discuss the terms of their current negotiations on revised plans for the site. They said that they will be able to go public in eight weeks time - i.e just before Christmas.